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okay maybe France doesn't make EVERYTHING more awesome

So... this video is terrible (see everythingisterrible.com for more), and thus not everything that comes from France is awesome. Which is good to keep in mind, but some things that come from France are undeniably awesome. Wine. Cheese. Yelle. Oh, and did I mention that Yelle is coming to BALTIMORE (the most awesome city in the Mid-Atlantic region) to do a show? She is, and it's on Wednesday.

PS. Okay fine, her shit's just as weird and ridiculous as everything else that comes from France. But maybe that's secretly why I like it.
YELLE - Comme Un Enfant (official music video) from Yelle on Vimeo.



me: i'm not posting on the blog
3:30 PM DJ FUCKING PRETENTIOUS: blog improves quality of life
me: i'll get around to it eventually
you're probably right
but enthusiasm to do anything right now is kind of non-existent
3:31 PM DJ FUCKING PRETENTIOUS: i'm gonna give you some homework
watch this video
and say whatever the fuck you want about it
me: ok
3:33 PM DJ FUCKING PRETENTIOUS: it involves tots
me: well i do like those

my review, as requested: this video makes me uncomfortable in ways i'm not entirely sure how to express. i didn't even make it all the way through. it just seemed... wrong. the auto-tuning? the doberman bra hanger? the refrigerator hand job? i don't know. i don't want to know. I'M DONE, LET'S GO HOME


Belated Album Review: Valerie and Friends

So basically there's only one reason that I'm reviewing this album. It's not that I want to trash it, although there's plenty of albums in existence that I should probably review on here so that I can trash them. But no, the reason I'm reviewing Valerie and Friends is that I can't believe it took me so long to find this album when it describes all that is in my soul. Their crunchy basslines, gentle filters, and airy synths feel like a vision of what electronic dance music would be playing if you walked into a space station's nightclub. Oh, how I want to live on that space station right now.

This is the only link I could find to the compilation, but you can find it on Spotify or iTunes.



That's right, ORBITAL.

I KNOW, RIGHT! It's been forever. So long. I can remember being in my dorm room in high school and having my alarm set to - you guessed it. Halcyon and on and on.

So I'm obviously psyched for this news: Orbital is releasing a full-length album in 2012!!!

And from what I've heard of this track it's going to be awesome.

Never by ORBITAL

From the UK duo themselves:
“[The album is] a kaleidoscope of everything we like about electronic music. But the biggest influence on this album has been two years of playing live, listening to old Orbital music. We wanted to make music that we would like to play live. It had to flow and ebb like a live set.”


Mighty awesome way to end October

October's not gone yet, but Mighty Mouse has already given us something to look forward to in November. It's not Thanksgiving, the earlier sunsets, the crunchy leaves or the frosty weather. Rather it's the drop of the bass, the buildup of another disco track, and the seductive vocal tracks featured in his November mixtape. It's the feel of cold night air after burning it up in the club.

Mighty Mouse November 2011 Mixtape by Mighty Mouse


Parties and a Scooter

This is mostly to distract you from the video below, which you SHOULD NOT WATCH. CROTCHFACES, OK? DO YOU LIKE THOSE? NO, YOU DON'T.

But I guess it's also about some awesome things coming up:

1) Old news - Dancetoberfest was totally rad. Firedancers were TOTALLY AWESOME. Wine and cider were AWESOME, sound system was... uncooperative but the DJ's were AWESOME. Also, if you enjoy listening to repeated requests for "Stepping Razor", we had those too.

2) Halloween is coming up, which should be awesome. Playing at THE PALACE with the awesome guys from AWESOME PHYSICAL POWER. This is pretty much what it's going to be like (via Kid RB): 

3) I Just got a scooter. It's like the coolest thing around. Consequently I have christened it with a scooter mix, which I made last night. Well, more accurately I made a mix last night and couldn't think of what to call it, so it's the Scooter Mix now. The Scooter Mix by THE SHITSHOW